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Avast Premier

Logo Protection Software


One of the best features of Avast premier is the data shredder by simply right clicking on a file you can send it to the shredder making sure the file will be permanently deleted forever.

It has automatic updates installed so will update and adapt without prompting.

Avast premier also has some excellent features after running a scan, you can choose separately what you would like to do with each corrupted file or you can group them all together before choosing your next action.

The online security browser also will tell you which websites are safe based on their reputation so you can be safe in the knowledge that the site you are browsing is secure (or not).

These are just a few of the great features Avast has and shows why it deserves it’s place on our list.

Avast Premier

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About Avast Premier

Avast Premier


Avast Premier is a security program with fantastic firewall resistance and is very strong at filtering out spam, it does not use many resources so will have very little or no impact on your computers performance.