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Bytes that Rock! Software Awards

Bytes that Rock! are the awards promoted by the Rocky Bytes software analysis website. They recognise the achievements of programs, games and blogs related to the software industry that have stood out for their excellent quality in the past 12 months.


All things start somewhere, and, behind what we all recognize as software, there is a long process that includes many aspects not seen by the users who, on a daily basis, employ all those tools that developers and companies put at our disposal, making it easier for us to carry out certain tasks using specific applications.

Among these elements, we can identify some such as the research conducted into the needs of users, the design and programming of the application, systems testing and tests with initial users, etc. Such aspects involve a great deal of time, sacrifice and dedication as they constantly evolve to produce ever more complex versions.

That's why we at Bytes that Rock! feel the need to award the software and all those blogs that contribute to its evolution and improvement.


The categories in the Bytes that Rock! awards, in which the best software and blogs from each sector are recognised, are divided into three broad sections:


For each category there will be 12 nominees and the following prizes will be awarded:

  • 1st winner
  • 2nd winner
  • 3rd winner
  • Finalist


Who can be nominated?

Those who may apply for nomination are:

  • Companies
  • Developers
  • Bloggers

Who would like to put forward their programs and games for Windows, or their blogs, for any one of the Bytes that Rock! categories.

They may either put themselves forward or be selected directly by the Rocky Bytes software experts. Nominating yourself for Bytes that Rock! does not involve any cost.

Who chooses the nominees?

Nominees will be chosen by the Rocky Bytes team with help from the jury.

The winners will later be chosen by the jury and users' votes.

Advantages for nominees

Being nominated for Bytes that Rock! offers the following advantages:

  • The quality of nominated projects is recognised.
  • Both nominated projects and the final winners enjoy prestige.
  • The projects of those developers who are not so well known get publicised, and the image of well-known developers is strengthened.
  • Nominees obtain recognition from software experts, marking a career achievement.
  • It projects a good image to investors, clients and business partners.


Each nominee will be judged by 3 jury members who are closely involved in the world of software and video games.


Users will also be able to vote for their favourites and have a positive influence on the final results.

How can users vote?

They will be able to vote on the Bytes that Rock! web page.
Only one vote per IP address and user will be accepted in each category

How much are users' votes worth?

Users' votes will be worth 30% of the final points tally, while the jury's votes will be worth 70%.