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Software blogs

How often do you search online for some information about a new purchase you want to make? Or perhaps you have been having technical issues with your computer and need to seek the advice of someone, perhaps you work or have just started working in the software industry and enjoy reading other people’s stories so that you will know what to expect, perhaps you are just a software enthusiast who enjoys reading the musings of others to expand your mind.

Well now it is time to recognize the people that provide us with this information, we have selected the 12 best software blogs from all around the world wide web, the blogs we turn to when we need information on buying a new processor, or we want to learn the secrets of the programming industry, the blogs perhaps we just read to have a laugh at some of the incredible stories from the software industry.

Now its time to give the people who put their hard work and time in to writing these blogs your recognition and support and vote your favorite, most interesting, most informative blog in the software blog awards category.