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Sony Vegas 13

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Sony Vegas 13 has everything you need to produce high quality video and/or audio, it has lots of great features and a helpful user interface. Sony is a brand you know you can trust and the Vegas video editor lives up to it’s branding. The critics say that Sony Vegas is a well known and feature rich but beginner friendly editing program.

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Sony Vegas 13

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About Sony Vegas 13

Sony Vegas 13


Sony Vegas is a video editing program developed by Sony Creative Software.

Sony Vegas is a powerful video editing tool with a huge amount of easy to use features. You can edit many different file types including high definition and it is very easy to pick up and use, there is also built in tutorials to help you become accustomed to more advanced features in Sony Vegas video editor. You can also use it as an audio editor it is absolutely packed with video and audio effects to be used in your projects. Professional looking results can be achieved by using Sony Vegas. Sony Vegas makes it easy to do some tasks that perhaps before you may have had to use a couple of different programs such as color correction and advanced editing to name just a couple.