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Software Awards

Welcome to the Bytes that Rock Software Awards here we between you the public and our panel of judges we have handpicked the software we believe is most deserving of our coveted Bytes that Rock awards and they have been divided in to these categories:

PC Software whether old or new, big or small, these are the best of the best PC programs available right now.

Software UI, the best and most effective user interfaces that make your lives easier each day, only the most useful and well-designed interfaces have made it on to our list.

Most Innovative Software, here we have the software that is breaking new ground with incredible new ideas and innovations in software, here we have the most amazing new breakthroughs in software.

Protection Software, the software that keeps our computer systems safe from harm, here we have picked the programs that do this the best and make sure we are kept safe from viruses, malware and all those other bad things trying to get inside your system.

Our final category is the best Open Source Software, software created and developed in some cases by the public or developed collaboratively, with the rise of open source software and companies willing to hear and include ideas of the general public can only create better products and here we have the crème de la crème of open source software.