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Indie Game Enthusiast

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The reviews are informative and interesting, there is also a section titled “no money, no problem” so you can find many free independent games to download and play.

The articles on the independent games are well written and provide you with everything you need to know as to whether it will be a game for you or not, all articles provide you with screen shots of the games and some even with links to videos with information or advertisements for the games.

Indie Game Enthusiast

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About Indie Game Enthusiast

Indie Game Enthusiast


Indie game enthusiast is a blog that focuses solely on giving you reviews and information about independently developed games providing a great service in not just giving us the readers an insight to games that may have otherwise passed us by but also bringing greater interest to the independent game developers.

It has handy tabs to switch between looking at articles on PC games to Android games among many other sections of the blog.