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Chamilo LMS

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Chamilo LMS has been adopted by companies and universities that collaborate with this open-source software as official providers. It is also used in public administrations of many countries.

Chamilo LMS

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About Chamilo LMS

Chamilo LMS


Chamilo LMS is an open-source e-learning and collaborative content management system. Its widest goal is to improve access to both education and knowledge worldwide. It has been developed by the Chamilo Association and with the help from its partners and members it was released in January 2010.

Due to the nature of its objectives it is a free distributed software that offers education at a reduced cost. Its interface is adapted to the 3rd world devices, and that improve its portability. Some of the features that can be found in Chamilo LMS include courses, cycles, management, time-controlled exams, tracking of user’s progress and generation of certificates.