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Heroes of the Storm

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The game falls somewhere between all out action and strategy and it makes for a perfect mixture.

There are many hours of enjoyment to be had with Heroes of The Storm, it plays superbly, looks great has a fitting soundtrack and is hours and hours of entertainment.

Heroes of the Storm

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About Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm


Heroes of The Storm is a multiplayer online battle arena game from Blizzard the developers who brought you World of Warcraft and Hearthstone so it is in very good company.

The graphics are superb and the voices and music perfectly done, the game is lots of fun and the control system is simple enough to learn quickly also helped by the by some handy tutorial levels at the start of the game.

The online battles are tremendous fun and there is nothing more satisfying than defeating real world opponents. You will gain extra powers as you progress in the game and there is some cool features such as being able to inspire your troops and therefore make them better warriors for a short period of time.