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Scott Hanselman Blog

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The articles are helpful and enjoyable and there is also some more personal articles about what is happening in Scott’s private life which give the blog a nice human touch.

The articles are intelligent and well written and Scott has a nice style of writing he may even introduce you to some new words such as “bifurcate”!

There is some really useful hardware reviews mixed in along with how to’s and user guides for certain software programs.

There is a lot of quality on content on the site and it can be very useful for obtaining tech based information.

Scott Hanselman Blog

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About Scott Hanselman Blog

Scott Hanselman Blog

Website: is a software blog written by Scott Hanselman which has many great articles on software and coding.

It can be very useful if you are thinking about upgrading any of your software or hardware as Scott has some really informative and enlightening blog posts ranging from articles about routers to how you can customize the Windows 10 home screen.