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Synology DSM

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It’s very quick and easy for you to set up your own private cloud solely for your devices and this is one of the greatest assets of this interface. The DSM is also loaded with tools for backing up and restoring your most important files to make sure you are safe in the knowledge you will never lose those all important files.

The note station in Synology DSM is great also meaning you can share your files across all your devices without uploading them to any sort of public cloud meaning you have maximum security for your files and peace of mind that the only person they will be shared with is yourself.

The critics say the Synology DSM software is a real star.

Synology DSM

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About Synology DSM

Synology DSM


Synology DSM is a disk station manager developed by Synology Inc. One of its most important features is the cloud station meaning you can access your files from all your different devices such as your home computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, you can also one way synchronize using Synology DSM making it much easier when downloading or uploading to the cloud respectively.

There is some great features with the syncing, if you edit a file offline as soon as you re-connect to the internet it will be updated on your other devices also.