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Skull Security

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It is a very intelligently written blog and certainly appeals to those with a degree of knowledge in the programming world but there are also other blog posts that would appeal to everyone and even the odd humorous story. The blog also has many links to programs created by Ron the creator of Skull security blog and these programs are very useful for those with an in-depth knowledge of security.

There is a helpful list on the left hand side of the page to go directly to the blog posts or categories that you wish to read and making it very easy to navigate the site so if you are interested in hacking or malware specifically to name just a couple of categories or even humor you can just click the link and go straight to your desired category.

A very well designed and easy to navigate blog with plenty of useful information.

Skull Security

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About Skull Security

Skull Security


Skull Security is a very nicely designed and interesting blog with lots of information and well written stories about security, some are amusing others informative, all the posts allow comments to be made below and you can see how popular Skull security is from the amount of comments received on each post.