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Regular Human Basketball

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The game is great fun and the physics of the robot machines is really well done, the Stephen Hawking-esque commentary is hilarious as well.

With an emphasis on multiplayer, ridiculous fun there is a whole lot to like about and even more to laugh about in Regular Human Basketball.

There is hours of fun to be had with this game and its emphasis on having to play with friends makes it even better as you can all share in the fun.

Regular Human Basketball

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About Regular Human Basketball

Regular Human Basketball


Regular Human Basketball is a very strange concept for a game but it is a lot of fun you are a little human however you must climb inside a strange robot mechanism and then run around your robot to control and make it play basketball against another human controlled giant robot, the game can be played by up to 10 players all on the same computer although fitting 10 people round a single keyboard or controller may be a whole new game in itself!

To play Regular Human Basketball you need at least two players you can share the same keyboard or controller but still play against each other, your little human enters the giant mechanical robot machine and control it from inside using the magnet attached to try to attract the ball and your all terrain wheels and fully rotational arms to move around and then the goal is to get it in to the oppositions basket just like real basketball whilst being as far from real basketball as possible!